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When you come at life from a place of connectedness, you make the biggest impact on the world. So shine your light brightly as you walk your path of mastery and be the best version of you each day.
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We offer inward journeys to integrate the best version of you with your path of mastery. These full immersion multi-day experiences are filled with experiential discussions, meditations, nature excursions, hands-on metaphysical modalities, psychic in the round, energetic infusions, divine light empowerment, and time in awe-inspiring environment.

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We offer various services such as clearings, intuitive readings, medium readings, coaching, and more. You can choose to schedule with either Leslie, Julie, or both. 

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We offer an online Heal Your Chakras, Heal Your Life: Health and Wholeness Through the Chakras class with Julie. Stay tuned with more classes coming in the near future. 

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"3.5 days in the cool clarity of the great sequoias is a treasure in itself, but this retreat also featured four spiritual giants. These gifted and generous women provided a safe, nurturing space with interesting and insightful lessons, meditations and activities. They're insights, tools and experiences are helpful to students at any stage of the metaphysical journey and I walked away with some sweet clarity worth it's weight in gold."

Lynne W.

"I have had the privilege of attending 2 retreats with these incredibly talented women. There are no accidents... Spirit Journeys came in my life in perfect timing. I gained 3 friends as well as resources and advice at my finger tips. Leslie, Julie and Ginger make the fabulous trifecta with their retreats. They each have their own talents and gifts. These women are brilliant and authentic and anyone would be honored to attend a workshop. They accommodate everyone and do everything they can to help you get exactly what you need. I can now say I am part of an amazing Tribe."

Tricia C.

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